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Spring is right around the corner ! With the promise of warmer weather and longer sunnier days, many homeowners have begun to plan their renovations and weekend projects that will help to elevate their homes.

Wile some may enjoy a huge renovation project, transforming your home to look refreshed and revitalized ca actually be quite simple. Especially if you're only focusing on updating your homes' curb appeal. So, whether you'ree in the mood to spring -clean, or are preparing to sell your home, here are our tips and tricks to help you freshen up your curb appeal this Spring! 


After all the snow has melted and we've had our share this year... it's time to give your lawn a little TLC. Start by raking any branches, dried lawn sheddings, plucking any dead flowers, trimming bushes and getting rid of any leaves, or debris that may have fallen. Once you have a fresh clean slate, the rest if truly easy to tackle. 

Give your lawn a mow, water the grass, and lay down some sod if necessary to give your front lawn that fresh look! You can also take it further by planting some flowers [ suitable for time of season] and adding an edge to your flower beds with stones, bricks or rocks. You'll be surprised by what an afternoon and trip to your local Home Depot or Lowe's can do! 


We all know the damage that salt and ice melt can do to our sidewalks, driveways and home exterior.  Clean up the outside with a quick powerwash of the driveway, garage doors, and sidings to help make your home brighter and glisten looking pristine. You may also want to give your doors and windows a good wash during this time as well. 


It's normal to notice a few chips in the paint from the Winter season with all the snow and ice the exterior of our homes have encountered. e sure to give the exterior of your home a quick and efficient overview to see if the garage door or siding of your home needs a new coat of paint.  Not only will this elevate the look of your home, but it will also prevent more of the paint from chipping off during the upcoming seasons, saving you time in the long run. 


Since you're already in the cleaning vibe, now's the perfect time to fix or update any items that need tending to. This can range from installing new garage doors to replacing your old mailbox, to adding in the new address numbers on the front wall making your home more chic and attractive. 

Adding those small accents and updates will easily do the trick and help improve the appearance of your home ! 


Better weather allows for fun and unique touches to be added to the exterior of your home. This can be elevated exterior lighting, a new doormat, a bright colored door, some potted plants or a rocking chair to help make your front entrance way say "  Welcome Home". 

Plus, if you're able to find items that match the color scheme of your home it will make everything more appealing to the eye. Perfect if you are planning to sell! 


After the winter, our homes definatey deserve some love! With a little enthusiasm, some help from the family and a weekend or two set aside, you'll have your home looking fresh, new and welcoming in no time. 

Happy Spring Cleaning! 



Making the decision to move into a new neighborhood can be simultaneously be an exciting and overwhelming experience, especially if you are preparing to start a family or you already have children that you also need to consider for the move. After all, it's important that you ensure that this new area you're going to be living in fits your housing needs and family's lifestyle, 

We completely understand the stress and sleepless nights that this decision can bring so to help ensure that you're making a sound decision and one that will truly make this move optimal, we've outlined the top 4 things that should be considered when moving into a new neighbourhood. 


A neighborhood may fit your lifestyle needs and check all the boxes however, if the cost of housing is too expensive or doesn't fit within your current budget, then the area is not an ideal fit. This is why we recommend determining your budget and looking into the cost of housing in areas right from the beginning. With this process, you will be able to narrow down what is feasible, helping to expedite the home buying process. 

We recommend that you carry out this process with the help of a real estate agent. Not only will they help you determine which areas are within your budget quickly and easily, but they will also know of up and coming neighborhoods that fit your needs and are within your budget. 


Next, it is essential that you do your research on the cost of living within the desired neighbourhoods. For instance, what are the gas prices like? What grocery stores are available and how do their prices compare? You will want to think long term when determining neighborhoods to fit for you and your family. 

During your research, be sure to take some time and navigate through the area, determining the current cost of living, if it's feasible for your family and what the price will look like over the next few years. The time invested exploring now will help ensure your move will be successful and beneficial for years to come. 


There are many local amenities that you and your family rely on, on a day-to-day basis. These could be grocery stores, coffee shops, gas stations, parks, convenience stores and more. When determining the area you'd like to live in, it's best to consider which local amenities are important to you and how close you'd like them to be. 

If you don't have a car, it may be essential that public transportation is nearby and that your amenities are within walking distance. If you do have your own transportation, then you'll want to consider how far you would like to drive to get to your grocery stores, restaurants, or the main highways. Once you've determined your needs, you can see which neighborhoods will be best suited and a proper fit. 


Safety and crime rates are unfortunately very important considerations in our world today. When selecting neighborhoods to buy in, especially if you're considering starting a family or have little ones with you, spend some time walking around and perhaps speaking to some local neighbors to get a good feel. 

This will help you determine the safety level and if you and your family would feel comfortable residing here. Can you picture your children walking to school safely? Do you feel comfortable heading out at night? These are all worthwhile questions to ask yourself before making your final decision. 

While this research will help you get a good sense, your real estate agent can accurately provide top tips and information, letting you know just how safe the neighborhood is that you are looking into. 


There are a few other factors that you'll want to consider when selecting a new neighborhood to move into. These may include local schools and their proximity to your home, recreational facilities nearby and the number of parks within the area. However, by understanding the above considerations, you will be left with a great starting point as to which neighborhood is right for you. 

A real estate agent will help expedite this process, determining neighborhoods that check all of your boxes. If you're looking to start your home-buying process but unsure of where to start, the Toth Realty Group can help. Free free to contact us today and let's get started finding your dream home. 




The real estate market may have cooled down a little since the Spring of 2021, however that doesn’t mean that sellers still don’t have an advantage. In fact, Fall is a wonderful time for homeowners to list and sell their homes for a multitude of reasons.

Not only are homes at their peak curb appeal, given the beautiful and cozy look of the fallen leaves, but typically, the Fall is a strong season to sell in. So if you’re currently a homeowner looking to sell, you’re in luck! Here are 4 reasons why it’s a great time to be a seller in the Fall 2022 real estate market.


Buyers who locked in on their pre-approvals for up to 120 days don’t want to miss out on their opportunity to purchase or have to go through the process all over again. Especially with mortgage rates increasing. 

This puts the seller at an advantage since buyers who have been pre-approved will be anxious to purchase and lock something in before time runs out. Therefore, sellers can expect quite a few eager buyers headed their way once their house has been listed.


There are many reasons why Fall is a great time to sell! Not only is the look and feel of one’s home beautiful, given the Fall curb appeal and cozy interior decor, but we also tend to see more serious buyers in the market.

People continue to relocate for corporate positions, the kids are back in school and people are back into their normal routines. So, buyers tend to become a little more serious, as well as anxious, to find their home and settle in. Especially compared to the summer months! This leads to a strong real estate market in which many sellers can see success.


We are seeing an increase in inventory, however, we still have a housing shortage. Currently, there is not enough housing to go around to meet the needs of the long-term population growth and the increase in immigration.

It is a great time to list your home and take advantage of the many benefits that a Fall market has to offer. Excited and more serious buyers would like to move before the snow falls, this time of year truly presents a great opportunity for sellers. 


Canadian winters can be harsh and dreary! This is why so many buyers are anxious to see homes and lock in their purchases before the snow hits the ground.

In addition, selling one’s home during the winter months can be challenging. Not only is the curb appeal less than ideal, but many home buyers will pause their hunt during this time, as they don’t want to make the trek in the snow.

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, the Toth Realty Group is 

ready to help you navigate this new journey.    

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